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AVL Studio is a design boutique specializing in sustainable architecture and 3D modelling. Our goal is to improve the design process and visual communication with clients to generate a more efficient, sustainable and quality architecture.


We have a track record of international projects, working in the different phases of the construction process, from the first design ideas to the execution of the work, including BIM modelling and realistic presentation of the project images.





Our architectural designs are a fine balance between traditional forms of construction and contemporary architecture, combined with the integration of nature in architecture and sustainable construction.


We are interested in ecological and energy efficient architecture as a way to create a better global architectural scenario, where life is healthier and more satisfactory for all living beings. The orientation, the energy, the reuse of rainwater, among other factors, are key elements in our architectural designs.









Alex Losada Sustainable Architecture Kitchen
Alex Losada Sustainable Architecture Office Terraces



"A picture is worth a thousand words "Our computer generated images have a hyperrealistic character to explain in a graphical and clear way the ideas, the interior and exterior spaces, aerial views, architectural sections or constructive details. The virtual tours are also a great tool to visualize a project, walking through a virtual model in a realistic way.


We are specialists in articulating and visualizing architecture through different representation techniques, from hand drawings, virtual images, videos or BIM models.





We have worked on a large number of projects with very different uses and designs. Our collaborations and designs encompass a wide range of architectural uses, including residential buildings, offices, shopping centres, stadiums, furniture design or temporary structures.


In recent years we have collaborated with numerous work teams in an international context, such as architecture studios, interior designers, manufacturing companies, art galleries, etc. with a high degree of satisfaction.






Alex Losada CGI art gallery Exhibition
Alex Losada Sustainable Architecture Parking Office



Our goal is to help as many people as possible to realize the project of their dreams and visualize the architectural concepts before they are built, creating an approach linked to the quality of the project.


If you need a design, an image or a video, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you a quote without commitment.


AVL Studio